For Immediate Release:

Florida voters in all parties support no caps on THC limits in medical marijuana as well as strongly support recreational marijuana.  In the Listener Group study of 746 likely Florida voters (March 10, 2021), all north of the I-4 Corridor (spanning between Tampa and Orlando), we see 64.2% support legalizing recreational marijuana this legislative session with 60.9% saying there should be no caps on the levels of THC in medical marijuana products.

In fact, for those who think this is a partisan issue; we actually found that for Republicans, 51% support recreational marijuana while 56.6% support having no caps on the levels of THC, which is currently being proposed in Tallahassee.

Additionally, since we already had a feeling of the opinions of those living south of Tampa and Orlando, the majority of the study was sampled strongly in the Northwestern Florida Panhandle as well as the North Central part of Florida; areas that are thought to be traditionally conservative.

 First, do you think recreational marijuana should be legalized in this legislative session?
Responses: 746 Total Overall %
1. Yes 479 64.2%
2. No 267 35.8%


2. Finally, do you think there should be any caps to THC levels produced in medical marijuana products? If so, what level should they be capped?
Responses: 746 Total Overall %
1. No caps 454 60.9%
2. 10% cap 292 39.1%


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