There is definite support to move forward with discussions on the Bahia Mar Lease

In a Listener Group study of likely voters in Fort Lauderdale District 2, we found strong support for moving forward with discussions with the leaseholder for Bahia Mar by an almost 2:1 margin.

In a live operator survey of cellphones and landlines, we asked voters in Fort Lauderdale District 2 about discussions with the leaseholder for Bahia Mar.  We found strong support for moving forward with a lease renegotiation.  Almost 40% of voters would like to move forward with discussions, a 2:1 margin over the 19.5% said there should be no action taken.   Another 19% of voters were undecided and 21% refused to give their opinion on this question.

Do you think the city should meet with the leaseholder to discuss terms that could allow these improvements to Bahia Mar, or should the city take no action to negotiate and leave the property as is for the next 41+ years?
Responses: 302 Total   Overall %
  1. Move forward with discussions with the leaseholder 120   39.7%
  2. Take no action 59   19.5%
  3. Undecided 59   19.5%
  4. Refused 64   21.2%


Additionally, we surveyed the residents about the redevelopment and renovation of city properties along the beach.  In the last decade, the city has created an Oceanfront Park and amphitheater at Las Olas and A1A, built a municipal garage at the Las Olas Marina, and moved forward with revitalizing the Swimming Hall of Fame.

We saw that 25.2% support the way the city has redeveloped the beach, with 14.8% opposing it.  Over half the voters were unsure or refused to answer.  This is not unusual in an area with such a large population of relatively new voters who moved here within the last decade.



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