For Immediate Release:

In order to keep churches a safe environment for worship; in our most recent study, we found 62.6% supported persons with concealed weapons permits being permitted to carry a gun while at church or on church property.  If passed in Tallahassee, this will be a big move in safeguarding our families and children during their time of worship. In Tallahassee, Sen. Joe Gruters (R- District 23) has a bill (Senate Bill 498) similar to this which should be going to the floor for a vote fairly soon.

Interestingly, when we look at the cross tabs on race, the Hispanic community came in with 66.9% support while Caucasians with 67.6% support.  Also, when we look at the age breakdown, we find the strongest support among those between the ages of millennials (68.8%).


Do you think a person who has a concealed weapons permit should be permitted to carry a gun on church property or in a religious establishment?
Responses: 602 Total   Overall %
  1. Yes 377   62.6%
  2. No 225   37.4%


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