Why Research? You Need to Know!

In every campaign  a successful strategy can only be created with the most in-depth and targeted research available.  We provide the tools for that delivery. No matter what type of research is needed, we offer it.  Below is just a few of the most popular types of surveys we conduct today.


IVR Surveys

Our IVR surveys usually consist of 6 to 8 questions. Respondents answer by pressing keys on a touch pad phone. IVR studies with 450 completed responses start at a more than reasonable rate. This not only includes the mechanics but also included is cross tabs, weighting, and full measured analysis.

About Us

Live Operator Surveys

We utilizes a state of the art blended survey research center and is staffed with over 400 highly skilled representatives trained to retrieve, capture and document the information that is critical to your project. An audio recording of random completed surveys is available upon request.


Focus Groups

When creating the perfect message, at The Listener Group we know that research is more than just questions and answers; it is insight.  With over 50 years of experience in one-on-one and group interviews, please contact us today to find out  how we can help you in crafting that perfect message.


SMS Surveys

Using our SMS Survey Method provides you the ability to survey your audience in a very discreet and non-intrusive manner.  We are able to conduct unlimited surveys in both open and close ended formats.


Email Surveys

With everyone out there conducting Email surveys, the quality of the answers is built around knowing the perfect question for your audience. This way we can be sure you receive the highest quality data available.


Direct Mail Surveys

Yes, although the majority of the survey and research world is digital, we do offer paper surveys that our conducted after we use our masterful direct mail service to reach your targeted audience so as to gain the data needed for your service.