For over 30 years, Scott Miller has been on the cutting edge of not only design, but the approach to the project designed for a results oriented impact.  Here at the Listener Group, Scott leads with his creative, strategic, and results-driven marketer merging design/technology/innovation.

As creative director, it is his responsibility to acquire new clients then develop and execute a marketing plan, branding and platform for the campaign. Scott is responsible for the creation and distribution of printed goods and digital media products. The marketing plan includes a messaging narrative for the client that is developed using polling research. This research then identifies areas of focus for the campaign.

In 2015, Scott developed then presented a “text to pay” demonstration application for the Harris Conference in Atlanta. As an early adopter of the Linux based LAMP stack and the Adobe suite of graphic design tools, Scott has always been able to create his own marketing materials so that his marketing focus matched his production focus.

HOST, WEBY — 2013-2019

As a political communicator, Scott served 6 years as the host of “Your Turn”, a politically themed drive-time call-in radio talk show broadcast. That broadcasts to a population of approximately 300,000 Panhandle residents.Scott was responsible for maintaining a current fluency of national political issues and discussing a variety of topics with call in guests. During special events, Scott would recruit guests from the local delegation of elected officials.

Scott’s Strengths Include:

  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Brand Management 
  • Copy Writing 
  • Public Relations 
  • Social Media
  • Demand Generation (i.e. email campaigns, webinars, advertising) 
  • Story Telling 
  • Content Development