Meet the Team

Over the past several years, the team at the Listener Group has grown in extremely talented and diverse directions.  With several decades of real life experience in nearly every digital and tangible medium; we are your final stop for all of your research, messaging, positioning, communication and media needs.

Greg Fink

Polling/Message Development/Operations

Mike Bates

Media Consultant/ Media Buyer/ Media Writer

Scott Miller

Polling/Creative Director/ Operations

Rob Milford

Media Consultant / Media Writer/ Speech Writer

Logan Fink

Logan Fink

Utility Affairs and Focus Group Manager

Dave Lantz, Ph.D

Creative Consultant/ E-Commerce and Digital Fundraiser

Vonche' Burt

Workforce Consultant/ Focus Group Manager/ Messaging Consultant

C. Marcel Davis

Grassroots Consultant/ Strategic Manager/ Focus Group Manager/ Minority Outreach

Peter Vivaldi

Peter Vivaldi

Media Consultant / Media Buyer / Media Writer Central Florida Representative


Larry Hetu, J.D.

Grassroots Coordinator/Consultant